Do we have a theme song?

why is kanye west singing about an schiziod man living in the 21 century.?
and why does he connected it with power.?

i ponder…

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Wow, really that’s interesting I didn’t notice it all, I think I know why, but I’m afraid to say it exactly…it had to do with politics and beyond than that, had to do with “mass-mind indoctrination”, where people are deceived to believe in a different reality from the true one, by mass-media mediums. listen carefully to the lyrics, he’s into this, Kanye West is by the way a free mason… :wink:

song about hearing voices

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i hears tons of songs now that remind me of this illness this on is my favorite one

song gives me chills throughout my whole body, ■■■■■■■ love this song this was my favorite linkin park song before i got sick, now i can relate to it!

im glad i dont hear voices…

good song…

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I saw a video of Eminem and Rihanna last night. She talked about the voices in her head and he wore a straight jacket. It really pissed me off.

Here’s a song that DOESN’T piss me off. I don’t like the video, it’s too silly and trivializes things I think. But the song is solid, and comes from a good place I think.

I lost my mind just a couple of times, you can spend your nickles and you can spend your dimes, but i lost my mind just a couple of times.

Hey all, great music, some songs I had never heard before

He had done a previous video where he was in a straight jacket. He was reshooting older videos for his new one. He has also admitted to having mental issues. A lot of his songs are not straightforward and have double meanings. Like monster, that video has a huge subtext and dual meanings

Not sure how to post a video from YouTube. So I’ll just list a couple songs.

• Blue October “Schizophrenia”. Though oddly enough it’s not a very relatable song. Just a few things here and there.

• Evanescence “Going Under”. Not supposed to be about SZ in any way, but it definitely matches up, especially the music video.

The one from Matchbox 20 is my favorite match.

Life is weighing down on me, killing me inside
Something I could never be will guide me to the new
I pray to myself

God please
Don’t take away from me

The only ■■■■■■■ thing
That I learned to believe
I am becoming the monster
You promised to keep him away
Now I feel like he’s living in me!!!

Anyway, I could never ever be
What you think is right for me
Are things that I will not believe
I want to start a new life
Get myself a sharp knife
Look into my own life
Kill things I don’t like in me

But sometimes I feel OK
And think I’m unique
You always try to critique
I turn my back on it anyway
Sucker! Punk-ass ■■■■■■■■■■■■!
I am loco!
Te falta un poco!
To get your ass in a choke-hold!

Just kill me - I can’t breathe
I am guiding myself right to the end
I can’t learn - come to terms
With the sickness that makes me crash and burn

I’m crying, I feel like I am dying but I’m trying
I beg to myself put my pride up on the shelf
Life is not forever
But if life will stay together
I would have a friend in my depression, have an end

But I’ve been thinking
And thinking always gets me into trouble
But since I have a double personality
I wasn’t me you see
Now I’m a refugee
And everything inside of me is just a part of my

Just kill me - I can’t breathe
I am guiding myself right to the end
I can’t learn - come to terms
With the sickness that makes me crash and burn