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So I still want the name of this disorder to change. One reason I haven’t elucidated yet is that a new name for this disorder shouldn’t be formative of an associated identity. I have fallen into the trap, especially through use of this forum, of developing something of an identity around having this disorder. The paranoid side of me thinks the current name for this disorder is meant for identity creation, so the afflicted people have to carry that weight, plus the prescribed weight of medication in their system, for the rest of their lives. In contrast a new name, combined with new treatments that minimize effect of this disorder, could allow a person to live a life minimally affected by the disease.

What kinds of names would be less formative of identity? Take for instance a name like, Dopamine Dysregulation Disorder. This name is not a good name for people, but it is a good name for a disease. There are other possible names, but I’ll leave it there, satisfied that my point has been made.

So what do you think, have an identity based on the disorder or not?

  • yes, an identity
  • no, no identity

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If I get the gist of what you are saying…you are saying that you don’t like the name schizophrenia because you can be called a schizophrenic?

Where as with “Dopamine Dysregulation Disorder” you couldn’t easily called a specific name?

Maybe I’m slow but I’m not 100% sure what your poll is asking. Is this what you mean?


That’s the gist of it.

I would like to say more about the way things are signified and things like that but I’m already mr popularity around here and I don’t need this post to blow up.

If we rename it we should call it Prince, because whatever we name it, in everybody’s mind it will still be the illness formerly known as schizophrenia.


That’s a good one, you should say it every time this topic comes up.

But I don’t agree, it would only take a couple generations.

I don’t like to identify myself as the disorder. It’s part of my life but just a part of it.


But if we have to rename. Let’s call it rainbow affective :rainbow:


Oh f*ck no. I have an identity IN SPITE of the disorder. Also, @77nick77 wins the Internet again.


We could call it D^3 (D cubed)


I do.



Oh really, wow I’ve never heard such a clever joke before!

Your words drip with sarcasm.

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I kid. Anyway, towards my point of the name disappearing in 50 years: If the medical profession abandoned the name and it was considered offensive to use only ultracons would call sick people that. That kind of social process would pretty much eliminate it.

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