Sz flew away

I think my sz has flown away

I think I am mental illness free

I think I am healthy both physically and mentally

I think I don’t need meds anymore

My aim is to get off meds

Feeling good now


I feel that way too until I go off the meds then it all comes back


But I haven’t felt like this in a long long time

I think I am symptom free

I think this is the real deal

Why don’t you take advantage of it and do something fun today?

EDIT: see where it takes you.

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Oh yes I already am, trying to sell some old things for a premium online

Yeah, I hope you have some fun today.

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Same to u

U too have fun

That’s good.
Try to work or do something significant,
if you are symptoms free

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I should try to brainstorm, so that when I feel that way I will know of something to do.

EDIT: but thanks.

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Yes I m busy on the net trying to do some business

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U r welcome


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