Syncronization is here to stay


No doubt after observing things like how i feel then somehow in a way we cannot explain attaches to what someone said on tv.

I’m claiming do not doubt that or dismiss that feeling. Your heart is attached to the universe in every way shape or form.

God sees everything for example. He is the judge to what we feel to how we want to feel. When you go out brother sister you can sense vibes from all over.

But when we look back into the books i think invasive thoughts or feelings that we experience can be dealt with in concurrence. We too are judges. And i think the more freedom and respect you lend to a rational non evil being the more space and freedom you create for yourself.

Think with your heart, evil will try and dismiss those wonderful feelings, that is okay. Imagine if everybody felt exactly like they would want to feel anywhere at anytime.

That in my unusual belief is why god the father is in the balance. Imagine my heart touch yours. And I imagine the way your heart feels, and to me that is how interaction works.

To sum it up, we were given a gift of life yah i can feel a lot of you feel like well i got my own receipt to life and i want to return it to god because he made me skitzo. Thats alright nobody is perfect anyway. Just listen and try to normalize the things you hear, as with sight it often confuses the mind. The mind has cable connects to the eyes and the common misconception is the eyes. No feel with your body. Listen to you reaction because in between to living entities there rules of conduct. Put your motive ego aside respect and formulate in few words a greeting.

Well im sorry that is all the teaching i can do for today. Dont let anyone who knows darn well they doing evil convince you otherwise. You maybe perfect before god on the inside but remember many others are not doing as well as you before god. So choose to avoid deflect those who you know are not sane or sound in mind. Consenting to ones insanity makes you just as guilty as they. So quiet your spirit and have a hold on things. If you follow that i guarantee you much evil will leave your life.