Synchronization of brain hemispheres changes what we hear

“Our results suggest that gamma wave-mediated synchronization between different brain areas is a fundamental mechanism for neural integration,” says Preisig. “Moreover, this research shows for the first time, using human hearing as an example, that the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain can be successfully modulated by electric stimulation,”

These findings could thus also find clinical application in the near future. “Previous studies show that disturbances in the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain are associated with auditory phantom perceptions such as tinnitus and auditory verbal hallucinations,” Preisig adds. “Thus, electric brain stimulation may present a promising avenue for the development of therapeutic interventions.”


I think they’re onto something here. I’m reminded of an old study where “caloric vestibular stimulation” of the left ear improves “Impaired insight into illness”.

It was a strange study but this new research helps explain how [basically] cleaning your left ear with cold water improves insight into SCZ . . .

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Hm. I will often lay on my side with hydrogen peroxide poured into my ear canal and wait until the bubbling stops - it usually makes me feel really relaxed for a while. I don’t have much lack of insight, though, so ymmv…

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