Out-of-Sync Brain Waves May Underlie Learning Deficit Linked to Schizophrenia


Changing a learning deficit after being treated with medication could demand changes in medications, or treatments for depression or blood pressure. Some of this implies there’s more there than the treatment for depression. Without knowing, this leaves Sz’s with the option of personality, or emotional testing, or pseudoscientific religious processing.

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I saw a research video (I can’t find the video now) that postulated that Sz is a type of Groundhog Day life where the patient is not able to unlearn the psychosis and delusions due to a lack of, or abnormal, REM sleep. The patient might unlearn them a little during the daytime but cannot consolidate the learning at night and so is back to square one the following day.

I tried to pick up on this theory by trying megadoses of EMDR using a YouTube emdr cursor video. I’ve done around 7 or 8 thousand hours of emdr and my meds dose has reduced by around 75%. I knew the technique was working early on because I started having very vivid dreams at night.


So, if we could enhance gamma waves somehow, we could get rid of some cognitives in sz?
Wiki says that precisely those waves gets better with meditation practices
Maybe even binaural beats and isohronic tones might help?