Symptoms worse during bedtime

My symptoms like paranoia gets really bad many times when I am in bed in the middle of night - sometimes this is when the voices really are at their worst. The other night I heard whispering surrounding my room, it was about 3 am.
My anxiety goes to the roof and I feel like there are strangers in my home. Does anyone else get really symptomatic during over night?

my voices r usually worse at night when i’m laying there or writing.

Oh yeah, when I’m trying to wind down and get some sleep, my head circus wants to wind up. If I am laying there quietly, the voices want to come out and play. I usually go to sleep with an Ipod on. I have it on timer.

When I lived alone, I was a mess. Any little noise and it was panic/paranoia time. When the sis moved in, it helped me. Now for some reason, if I hear clunking around at night, I just think it’s the sis.

Yes its like they know when it bed time. Its always worse then.

yes actually night time is the worst trying to get off to sleep having taken seroquel that makes me feel very sketchy. noises super freak me out at night.