Symptoms free with risperidone

for a few weeks I have no symptoms, maybe a couple of voices for a while and that’s it, and it’s really weird. does this sobriety freak you out?
I feel almost normal again…


now I started listening again to 2 voices, very intelligent ones. they speak without flaw, great speech, great word selection, very fast…

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Are they your own mental voives or external?

internal ones. angels in my head

it’s funny. while I was typing that I am symptoms free I started hearing these angels.


That doesn’t sound too bad. I can’t even hear myself in my own head. Only my ears lol

it’s not that bad. you have loud voices?

I have external voices that I hear from a distance.

My internal voice is very loud and has many different perspectives

what kind of perspectives?

internal ones are easier to believe as true. they are from the mind. they seem true without a doubt. whereas external are just sounds you can ignore. internal ones occupy your mind & you can’t think.

If im thinking of an experience I’ll have my perspective then a perspective from if I was someone else seeing or hesring of my experience, also the perspective of my “higher self” that isnt ego driven.

Pretty much i think it is a coping mechanism

their fast talking proves to me that they are real angels, not my imagination. cos I can’t imagine all these so quickly…

It’s your mind don’t be trick…