Symptoms are changing

So last night I woke up at about 4am to go get something to drink. There is a window in my kitchen and when I walked towards it I saw a person standing outside the window and then it walk away out of site. Then when I walked back to my room down a hallway I saw another person standing there and then it walked into a room and out of site again. I told my fiancée and he asked if he should go make sure there was no one in the house. For some reason I said no. Even though my hallucinations aren’t like this I some how knew that it wasn’t a real person. Usually I see people and they disappear in front of me so its easier to tell that they aren’t real. It was just weird for some reason everything’s changing and I’m afraid their going to get so bad that I wont notice until its too late and I’ll end up back into the hospital. I’m just kind of freaked out.

I wonder if they are ghosts? Do they appear as shadow people or like a regular person? I’ve had a few experiences of this but very few over the years. I’ve dealt with them by learning what they are and will talk to them, approach them…then you can tell the difference between a 3D person and something else.
I explore the spiritual aspect of it first because for me it is usually that when it happens.

They look like a very dark and sort of transparent person.

There is talk around here of “shadow people” - which meds are you on if I may ask, maybe you need an adjustment or a complete change of meds. Are you experiencing more stress?

Quetiapine at 300mg and lamotrigine 100mg. No extra stress recently.

Shadow people…I know I’ve seen 2 of those very clearly in my life. One was a friend of mine who was practicing astral projection at the time I saw the shadow man, and the other was a ghost from the cemetery up the road from here. there was also one I saw go by really fast that my son also saw and talked to…also a ghost from the cemetery…long story but I know that one was a real ghost.

I am taking 100mg of lamotrigine (Lamictal) also - I am doing well on it so far, my doctor wants me to go up to 200mg - How do you like it?

The only thing that I think was real and was a ghost of some sort was a really tall white figure walk by me and my dog in the kitchen one day. I watched it go by and didn’t think much of it until I looked down at my dog who was looking in the same direction that the white figure went. That the only reason why I thought it was a ghost or something because it wasn’t like most of my hallucinations it wasn’t transparent and my dog saw what I saw.

I don’t mind lamaotrigine, I’ve been taking it for 6 years now , it helps me sleep. If I have any side effect from it I don’t notice it now.

Yeah, when 2 people, or an animal see the same thing its not a hallucination. i wonder what the dark shadow beings are?

I’m not sure. They didn’t have a horrible feeling with them. They seemed to be watching and not wanting to be seen.