Sympathy gift ideas?

My sister’s adoptive mom died yesterday and I’d like to send her a gift. Preferably a custom gift. I don’t want to do the typical memorial stone or wind chimes. Something unique to her. Any ideas? I’m open to something hand made or store bought. If it helps any, I’m an artist (pencil and paint) and occasional crafter. Money is not a factor.

Edit: you guys are some of the most creative people I know and I’m out of ideas. Any input is great.

I’m sorry for your loss.

I know this is exactly what you said you didn’t want to do, but I’d go with something traditional. Something creative could be taken the wrong way or something.

Just my opinion though.

I know her well, she would want something heartfelt and well thought out. The traditional things don’t generally take much thought.

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Is your sister a young woman under 28ish?

maybe an oversized locket that looks antique like? a picture would go on one side? and a message of comfort on the other side ( or rligious verse if she practices a religion?)

i would also say this is more of a keepsake, so you would likely not see her wear it, but she might like a keepsake of her?

i will keep thinking . If something else comes to mind i will post it here for you to consider.


Is she artsy? A special calligraphy pen and an ink well along with a special journal would be nice if she is

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But we don’t know her???

This is beautiful. My sister is 34 but I think she would love something like this. Thank you.

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She’s definitely a crafty person. She really appreciates art and she keeps a lot of it in her house. I like this idea. Thank you!

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Good point. 151515