Is this an appropriate gift?

My friend just lost one of her cats today and is grieving his loss really hard. He didn’t pass easy and it was extremely difficult for her to make the call to put him to rest. He was very much a loved member of the family.

I want to get something to help her through her grief. I was thinking about getting a plushie that looks like her cat. Would that be appropriate or just a sad reminder of her lost friend?

Any other ideas of what to get or what to do?


i think it’s appropriate.

but only you know your friend. i have a photo of my old cat on my fridge and it actually makes me happy.


A framed picture of her cat?


If you can get a good picture of her cat fromFB or something,see about having it professionally printed on canvas. hasgood prices.

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I think the fact that you want to get your friend a gift says a lot— sorry to hear about their cat :purple_heart:


So I opted to get a keychain that looks like him. That way she can take him with her wherever she goes. It should arrive in a week or so.


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