Switching to clozapine

Hi I’m switching to clozapine from risperidone plan is to settle on 250mg clozapine I’m only on 25mg clozapine now and lowered my risperidone from 6mg to 5mg so gradually reducing the risperidone and increasing the clozapine I noticed it’s quite sedating does this side effect get better with time or is it a very sedating drug. Reason asking is don’t want it impacting my work.


I slept 16 hours a day when I was on 200 mg.

Is it permanent the sedation

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In my case it was. Good luck with clozapine!

I am on 500mg a day and sleep for about 11 hours. :cat::cat::cat:

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I take 400mg clozapine.
Only drooling and over sleeping for me

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Thanks sedation seems to be less than first day but I’m still on a baby dose. I’m a big guys so many 250mg isn’t going to knock me out

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I slept 11 hours the first day fell asleep 15 minutes after taking my first dose

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Is clozapine the same as clozaril? .the med where you’re on blood tests everyday. It didn’t work for me. It’s been good to other folks. I think you’ll be okay. Hugs

Yea it’s the same you need monthly drug tests

It is the same.

I’m on it right now, I sleep for 13 hours up from 12 hours. I’m on 200 MG.

Good to hear it’s doing some good. I used to take heavy aps. I hate Seroquel.

Didnt have any problems on clozapine until i tried to get off it. However on it i had a great time. If the blood tests aint a problem, clozapine was pretty chilled

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I’ve been on 250mg clozapine for almost a year. I just started the blood tests every 2 weeks instead of every week. I’ve found I sleep 10-11 hours on it, and I have to use atropine drops to reduce the drooling when I sleep. Clozapine has helped me a bunch, not only improving psychotic symptoms but also reducing my suicidal ideation and urges to self-harm. I’m still hungry quite a bit on it but nowhere near the constant pigging out that Seroquel caused.