Clozapine and Risperdal

I am taking both at the same time, Clozapine 300 mg and Risperidone 8 mg. Is this a normal combo, it looks a little overdoing it, or not?

Also, clozapine makes me sleep like an hippopotamus, is there anyway to overcome this? Maybe an antidepressant? I am not depressed though.

I think combos are pretty normal; I take 400mg Clozaril and 80mg Latuda.
Unfortunately, Clozaril also makes me sleep like 13 hours a day.
I take Lexapro, Buspar, and I still sleep a lot.

Do you mean you drool when you sleep? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Yeah, there is no way my pillow remains dry.

I take Clozapine 200 mg at the moment with Ziprasidone 160 mg daily. I also take Venlafaxine 225 mg. The combination seems to work for me. My pdoc is happy with progress so far. I know what you mean about drooling though. My pdoc gave me some Atropine eyedrops. You put a couple of drops of the Atropine in about a mouthful of water, swirl it around your mouth for about 15 seconds, then spit it out. Has really helped with drying my mouth out when i sleep. The Clozapine helps me go to sleep, but i don’t find that i sleep for a really long time. I still wake up after about 7 hours or so.

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Clozapine did that to me too - made me sleep 16 hours a day and I drooled so much I had to wrap a towel around my pillow
Went on risperidone after that and was much better!

Glad you solved it. Doc reduced my dosage recently and I am taking it only in evenings which helps.