Might be starting Clozapine soon


Iv talked to my nurse and he thinks I should give clozapine a try, Iv been on high dose risperdal for years and it helps but i still have symptoms. So my question is how long did it take for clozapine to work for you? I dont really feel like going though months of hell before it starts to take effect.


I’ve been on it since January all I do is wake up in drool. I’ve heard of people wetting the bed from this drug. Oh and I been getting a needle every Tuesday for 2 months becuz of this drug


How long did it take to start working?


I took clozapine and I felt the effects with the first dose, it got stronger with every one that I took. Clozapine was the only AP that ever did anything for me, I was a non-responder to the other meds which is typical. I found that it had much fewer side effects than the other drugs, the monthly blood tests are a nuisance but any complications are rare.


Thanks that gives me some hope iv been on risperdone for years with limited success.


Good luck with the Clozapine @Opus!
You may like it.


Thanks @wave :slight_smile: I hope so, I need something to improve my life been stagnant for far to long.


Haha, I also wake up covered in copious amounts of drool :joy: I’ve also wet myself several times.
I’ve had weekly blood tests for over six months.
It does help, though.


Can’t tell if it’s working or not. My worker seems to think im doing awesome. I guess im the only one who feels like crap


I have not been on it but I can tell u that it has one of the if not the lowest EPS risk which is great


Try it man…!!! Best of luck…


Clozapine is really the last option to go to. I was in that situation but I didnt go for it because it lowers your immune system.


I’m going to reduce my clozapine dose for the following reasons

  1. Postural hypotension
  2. Bed wetting
  3. Too much sleeping