Don't know if I can stick with the clozapine

Just wanting to know others experiences on cloz at the start. Yesterday and the day before I was on the verge of throwing up all day. They had to keep giving me anti-nausea meds. I was sweating like crazy my pulse was high. I had no energy. I am only on day 6 or 7 and I’m at 150mg so far. I feel ok today but, does it get better? Do you just have to stick In there and it gets better on the other side?

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Clozapine supposed to sedate you.
My first stay, I was drooling and sleeping all day on 75mg…
I don’t know, maybe highest I’ve taken is 200mg…

I took it for a week on the dot. I couldn’t tolerate clozapine. It made me sick and felt like throwing up. There’s alternatives to clozapine I went back on something I’ve taken before. Don’t give up hugs

I’ve been on clozapine almost a year. It makes me sleep 11-12 hours a day, I have to use atropine drops before bed each night cuz if I don’t the clozapine-induced drooling either wakes me up running down my face or I choke on the spit, and I want to eat constantly…BUT I’ve gone from hearing 4 voices to only 1, and my suicidal ideation and self harm urges have really gone down. It’s nice to not be thinking constantly about ways to hurt myself. I was on risperidone a few years ago and it gave me full-body itching so they cut it. Clozapine works best for me but it isn’t perfect, none of the neuroleptics are.