Switching from Invega to Abilify

Hi guys, It has been quit long before I came over.

I have a concern that has made some psychological problems for me.

Invega 9 mg and 6 mg has been out of stock from the middle east markets, so my pdoc switched me to abilify 10 mg with a minimal dose of invega at 3 mg.

Side affects: Daily vomiting, negative thinking and tiredness.
Now, is that a result of invega withdrawal or the abilify affect, because I actually don’t like how its making me feel.

I asked a friend of mine of the topic and he advised me to ask my pdoc, now I am confused and wanted to see some responces from people who have experienced the same switch before if possible.

I talked to my doc and he told me that invega will be available in the market soon, but I am not sure about that.

I was about to switch from invega to abilify but my pdoc said it wasn’t a good idea, since they’re so different and act in different ways. Talk to your doctor about that. Good luck.

i tried to swap to abilify from invega but couldn’t sleep

Hey @Sparso - Vomiting can be a side effect of Abilify - it gave me nausea as a side effect when I was on it.

Do you take it on a full stomach? Taking it with food helps a bit.

I would definetely bring up all of the side effects you are having with it, Abilify was not a good med for me personally, but everyone reacts differently to these meds.

Best of luck with everything!