Invega Vs Abilify

I am starting this post because I am currently taking Invega Sustanna and the side effects have become unbearable and I want to switch to Abilify 400. I know people out there have had the same or relatively close experience. I am looking for descriptions about the process you go through to make the switch and the benefits or increased side effects involved with individuals who have switched. This includes comming off invega, and on ambilify. I would also like to know what abilify was like compared to invega at the 1 yr. and 2 yr points in time

i never was on abilify so i can’t help with that… but i wanted to say welcome to the forum =)

I’m on invega sustena too. The first couple of moths were pretty rough but I feel like my body has adjusted now. I’m going to the gym regularly. I’m not eating as much. I actually have some will power to get out of bed. The antidepressants helped a lot too. They give me more motivation and focus.

Invega has made my positive symptoms go away entirely. But the negative symptoms have increased I have akathasia, muscle spasms, lack of motivation and drive, sexual dysfunction, and minor weight gain like 20lbs. So I want to try abilify but haven’t as of yet because I’m afraid of withdraw and relapse. Eventually I know Ill just say F@#$ it and do it because I cant take much more of the invega

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Thank you, it’s been very good for me to find other people with the same sz issues and I’m glad to be here


Abilify and Lamictal are great fir me. Best meds of all the ones I take, no side effects but it’s different for everyone.

I switched from invega sustennna/trinza shot to Aripiprazole(Abilify) pills. I Prefer the Aripiprazole. Pdoc will likely start you off on low dose of pills, slowly increase dose and then move you up to shot. That’s what they did for me anyway, except when it came time to go on the shot I told her that I was happy staying on pills.

These are will be mostly normal and active all day after 3 years.


That is exactly what my pdoc said he would do for me. I have all the bad side effect for abilify now while on invega. So it is looking like there is little to lose. I think your strategy of just not telling them you not going for the shot is a brilliant idea. Did abilify maintain your positive symptoms and give you your sex drive back, if ya don’t mind me asking. How long where you on invega before you switched

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I went to Aristada from Invega. It’s pretty much the same as Abilify, just better for sz. Abilify is to Abilify what Invega is to Risperdal.

I had the negative side effects for 6 months after quitting Invega. I detoxxed for those 6 months and when I had a positive symptom, asked for Abilify. My pdoc chose Aristada. I am much happier now and have far fewer negatives.

I have been on both abilify
and invega, but in pill form.
Invega did nothing about my psychosis,
Abilify worked but not perfectly

what did that have to be for real? i think one of the abilifys has to be aristada probably but i don’t know which one is wrong…

I still get positive symptoms on invega. It makes me wonder if I need to try a different med

I am not sure what you mean.

Yes abilify still handles my positive symptoms well…Sex drive is fine for my age so I guess so on that. I was on invega sustenna and then invega trinza for over a year I think. A year and a half maybe.

I’ve been on invega since 2016 everything is fine except for sexual side effects. I have some minor trouble swallowing some foods.

Sounds a lot like my situation so that really helps. Next month I will have been on Invega for 1 year and the reason I want off it so bad is that I know the longer I’m on it the more damage it does. Abilify isn’t without side effects but those from Invega are substantially worse and more likely to be permanent, especially after long term use.

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Found out with invega that I was lacking neurotransmitters, so I started eating white beans or navy beans, which have lot of copper, b vitamins etc.
Now, I hardly have negatives, but I also drink quite a bit of caffeine.

Abilify did nothing. Nothing. Haven’t tried invega

ah it’s not important but you said abilify is to abilfy what invega is to risperdal and i don’t know which one of the 2 abilifys has to be aristada… dunno if you get what i mean now.