“Surviving death” on netflix

I watched a cool tv series on Netflix last night called surviving death

It’s on NDE’s

It was beautiful, eye opening, brought tears to my eyes actually

It’s a whole series I’m gonna watch more


I wish I could watch this type of program, but I end up getting obsessed with this type of thing and once I fall down the rabbit hole, there is no turning back

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I understand. The most interesting thing I remember was this lady who claims to be awakened by her nDE. Like she had a newfound love and appreciation for life. And she said it was difficult because “everyone else was still the same way”.

She didn’t look extraordinary besides the great smile on her face.

They actually had a whole assembly of people with ndes that day so she didn’t feel so alone

There was some things that these people are either lying (not likely) or theres far more things we don’t know of yet

Some of the stories just wow so beautiful

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