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Hi folks,

I’ve run this via the other mods but just wanted to see if anyone was interested in taking a survey for a post grad student ( who I admit is my Aunty via marriage and is sz aff ). She is studying philosophy and is interested in the philisophical aspects of psychosis with things like intrusive thoughts etc. I’ve done the survey and it wasn’t too bad. I will add that it’s a legit line of study through the ANU and has had ethics approval via the university so it’s safe for users.

I don’t really want to post the link here but if you send me a pm if interested I can send you the flyer with the information. She is also doing a follow up zoom interview for some who are interested. Thanks peeps.


Not in Australia but sounds cool

I’m happy to take part. :smiley:

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Sent info in pm. Thanks.

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Bump for the Afternoon Aussie crowd!

I would participate, but I am in England

Bump. Any Aussies willing to do a shortish survey for academic research?

Bump. Won’t do it again but if anyone has some time from Australia to help out it’s appreciated. Unfortunately due to the ethics committee who ratified the survery it’s only for Australian people. It took my Aunty a lot of work so if you have a few minutes to help out…Paul ( rogueone )

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