Support worker said I was trying to use terminology too much

Had a worker out who said I was using phrases like ‘intrusive thoughts’ and ‘socially withdrawn’ too much. Didn’t really know what that was supposed to mean. I asked her straight out if she thought I was faking it by using medical terms. She quickly backtracked and said ‘no clearly not’.

To my knowledge she hasn’t had any formal psychiatry training (not a degree in nursing anyway). Was a bit pissed off with her. I told her that when you have been living with this for the best part of two decades you get to be knowledgable about stuff.

Don’t think I will be seeing her again.

I tried using terminology with my pdoc but since I only know the names in english he laughed at me LOL … anyhoo, I tried :smile:

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she is probably not the sharpest tool in the shed… didn’t like trying to keep up with your concepts or didn’t want to know your internal experience that way.

Man people suck in general. That’s why its easy to slip into schizoid thinking.

They’re alright most of the time though. Just self-concerned and watching out for their own.

A social worker should be experienced in psychology and shouldn’t be phased by however it is you try to describe your situation.

You made the right call in trying to find a different one.

Ah the “All neck and no meat”

I thought about it. As a PSZ you probably do a lot of looking around to evaluate the environment. Hence the “neck” part. Sticking your neck out there. The “no meat” comes from your internal knowing that you can’t do anything about it. You still want to know so you keep putting your neck out there.

“He’s powerless against us” is one I was getting recently.

It’s funny though. In my hallucinated psychotic scenario these people all do it just to maintain the upper hand on me in some way.

Which means I’m actually something special… or I’ve got some crazy issues about my relation to the world.

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All neck and no meat! That ■■■■ was crazy. Like your theories.

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