Supplements during Pregnancy

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I can’t find the link to the thread for supplements during pregnancy. Anyone has a clue and can help me out? @SzAdmin


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For the first 12 weeks you need to take folic acid. If your on medication you might need a high dose of folic acid so it’s important to see your GP about that.

Also you should be taking vitamin D all through pregnancy. There is pregnacare vitamin d you can get from the grocery store and it’s not that expensive.


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Make sue to take methyl folate as folic acid poorly absorbed and also cancer risk.

Make sure your vitamin d and thyroid levels are optimal.

Also check your iron level (ferritin) and if low take a suitable iron supplement to prevent anemia.

Eating omega 3 fish foods like saridine fish, walnut etc useful as omega 3 needed for proper brain development.

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