Probiotic milk tied to lowered risk of some pregnancy complications

I thought this was interesting in light of schizophrenia and the risk factor of pregnancy complications.


Thanks so much @firemonkey !

Would you or anyone know of a comprehensive list /resource of the do’s and dont’s of pregnancy?

Much apologies about the knowledge dump below. Your post is a definite ADDITION to the list - is there anything obvious that is missed

Searching the forum for example @SzAdmin advises "Women shouldn’t eat too much Tuna and other fish that have higher Mercury in them (the larger fish) - but women who are pregnant are doing a great thing for their babies when they eat a lot of Salmon and sardines that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA) that are very important in brain development"


also @Ninjastar ( i think ) advises “No sarcosine during pregnancy - but yes, a good prenatal multivitamin plus choline (6 grams of Lecithin a day) and omega 3 fatty acids and fish like Salmon, and yes - low to moderate stress and avoid infections.”

Also this study
"n 2013, University of Colorado psychiatrist Robert Freedman and
colleagues recruited 100 healthy, pregnant women from greater Denver to
study whether giving the B vitamin choline during pregnancy would
enhance brain growth in the developing fetus."

and this (reinforcing study I think)
Good news - if you’re going to be pregnant - start supplementing with
large doses of Phosphatidyl choline (i.e. Lecithin) - during the entire
pregnancy, as previously reported.
CHRNA7, the α7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptor gene, has been
associated with schizophrenia, autism, and attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder.

Maternal phosphatidylcholine treatment may, by increasing
activation of the α7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, alter the
development of behavior problems in early childhood that can presage
later mental illness.

Panax Ginsing is OK (Panax Ginseng During Pregnancy, May Reduce Risk of Schizophrenia of Offpsring exposed to prenatal stress)

and also AVOID cats poo…:slight_smile:

Anything else or other resources you could kindly point me too?

Ahh …Yes thanks for the connection of pre -eclampsia and the risk of schizophrenia to the baby.
Probiotics is associated with lower risk factors for pre-eclampsia hence lower risk factors for sz. Very good.