Sunday night chat! What's up?

I am very ‘old fashioned’ I think.
Do you think you are old fashioned? or open minded?

What do you like about being single?
What sacrifices are you willing to make for your significant other?

Some questions I have been pondering about. I do not mean anything sexual. But life, choices, work, all thru depression and psychosis.

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Something’s I’m “old fashion” about, like with my current husband, we are an exclusive couple-pro siempre (for ever). This means I take care of him, and he takes care of me. We do the things necessary to keep each other healthy and happy, like cooking healthy foods, and considering the other person before taking any action that might affect them too.
I have his back and he has mine, through better and worse.

I’m open minded about a lot of things, more things than not, when it comes to believing what I’m told, because I like to think for myself. This rarely makes any points with others, but I don’t live my life with the idea I want everyone to like me either.
Being popular in life was never on my list of things to do.


I am rather open minded.
I want to be able to take care, first of myself then of other vulnerable people.
I want to do it in Spain.
I am sure that there are people who really need my help in Spain.
If I try to search and don’t find, I will be content and tend to my own business.


I’m not sure if I’m old fashioned, but I like to think I’m open minded.

I’m used to being single at this point.

As for my sunday – I just got through making what I call “bachelor spaghetti” :smile: and now I’m just hoping my grades for this week get updated.


I’m old fashion in some ways and very open minded, easy going, but at this point in life, I just keep to myself, not interested in going on any roller coaster rides.


LOL I am not sure what you are referring too but yeah I think I am old fashioned too in certain things which my friends are not.

I guess I mean I don’t want anyone’s drama in my life, just want to enjoy life without any battles


I just felt something touch/crawl on my right arm :open_mouth:

It was a very weird feeling.

oh lord I hate crawlies, hate em so much. It always feels like I have bugs on me. I wish my meds worked for that. You should see how freaked out I get when I’m seeing em too. It’s awful

And I’m so bored I want to jab an ice pick in my eye

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The thing I like about being single is that I get the bed to myself but I would sacrifice that if I had a girlfriend

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what kind of illness is this? you think bugs are crawling on you?!

yeah, don’t you? Illness? I guess its a hallucination. I see crawly things along the floorboards, and sometimes I feel them on me. It’s not all the time but often.

its very realistic. In fact it feels so real I often jump up or scream when it happens. My family thinks that’s pretty darn funny. Sometimes It actually is a bug and my husband sees it too, and tells me I’m not hallucinating

Like most people, I’m old fashioned in some ways, but overall consider myself open minded.

What I enjoy about being single is the feeling of freedom, as well as feeling better about myself. My last gf made me feel like ■■■■ about myself, and it’s nice to feel good about myself again. For the right woman, I would be willing to give up some of my freedom, though. There’s a woman at the pharmacy I’ve been interested in for a while; I’m not one to crap where I eat, but I’m leaving there, so I could possibly date her now. I think she would be interested.