Sukuvika jos suksi ei luista :)

It is just a Finnish saying meaning that you should blame your family if something is wrong, in the way it is with schizophrenia when you have inherited genes causing this illness.

There are also many other sayings we used when we were children such as *Harjamäen hurjat’ meaning the crazy people of Harjamäki. Harjamäki’s mental hospital is one famous mental hospitals in Finland but now it is a museum. My father and aunt visited there, basically got some mental treatment. My aunt is dead already, died at the age of 63, so young, she was schizophrenic.

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When i see how most of the newspapers and internet portals write about mental illnesses specially bipolar and sz I want to smash something… Or someone. Yesterday I just read this line ;"soon she was diagnosed with bipolar and they told her she has schizophrenia. ". Like what the ■■■■
It’s still taboo to talk about it …here. .

Maybe it is not a taboo here where I am. I know many mentally ill people in my little town. Newspaper and media is quite open about it. For example, these papers report what has happened to some mi people such as one who went to Niuvanniemi’s mental hospital, this hospital is primarily for criminally insane people as I understand it. In the little town such as mine people talk about other people and when somebody goes to the local psych ward people know about this because other people spread the word. In my opinion mental illness is no taboo any longer.

Mental hospitals even post their daily fees on their web site. Surprisingly in English too, max 718 euros a day, quite a lot.

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Adolescent ward 919€/day

Wtf? Thats not even an ordinary income here. Lol.

Yes, things are different here. I suppose the mentally ill care is a big business as is the elderly care.

Koo koo ka jube, I am the walrus.

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The typical acute psychiatric ward in the US is more than that, especially if the pt arrived in extremis from an ER, which is about two-thirds of the time.