Suicide rate for people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders 170 times higher

That’s disturbing !!


is it the schizophrenia or the poor conditions they make us life with? or the paper work?

My suicide attempts occurred in the more acute phase of the illness, except,possibly, for the last attempt in 1984 .

I haven’t attempted suicide but I do think about it. Even when things are ok it creeps into my head. Idk why but I tell family and talking helps. It’s a very odd thing.

I totally get that. It’s a malicious disorder usually manifesting in combination with another mental illness.

My suicidal thoughts went down when i started getting hobbies. Weird part is i still think about it sometimes, mainly because the meds killed alot of stuff that made me, me. I often think of downing an entire bottle of my aps, putting on some imagine dragons and drifting off to the void.

they say 10% of sz sufferers commit suicide over a life time…how would this equate with the suicide rate being 170 times higher…could someone do the sums…there is approximately 70 million schz in the world etc etc can someone do the sums

LS! I still miss a lot of people I learned to know at the Amsterdam Fountainhouse. About ten I knew committed suicide in their forties.

I’m tired of thought of suicide. It just needs to go away.

I committed suicide three times and I sometimes wish I could just die. But it’s much better now since the meds have decreased my suicidal tendencies.

I like my life. It’s a lot better than nothing.

My attempt scared me straight. I don’t want to do anything like that ever again. I wasn’t sza yet when I attempted though.

Suicide is usually an impulsive act. One way to reduce your chances of going through with it is to train with the Focus Trainer android app, as this app is designed to greatly reduce impulsivity.

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Ignoring the pathogen’s presence (hallucinations entities )in the conscious state of the person, and denying its main role in induction to take the sinister decision ,does not lead to correct understanding of the real cause of suicide attempt ,whatever the narrative plot,which tells

Possibilities are occurring due to ;
1-inadvertent error and omission
( there is no pre-existent thinking or desire for suicide )

2- Occurrence by deliberately and determination
(after thinking /desire preceded the suicide attempt, practically after long bilateral dialogue with the hallucinations entities which they creating incitement feelings in the person’s emotion theater and pumping malicious thoughts )

The person will do what he does while he under influence and control of malicious thoughts and feelings directed by the pathogen

The tendency toward the suicide attempt occurs in three main stages
1- The first,it extends in time from the start point of sz and end at the moment when the first treatment dose is taken (person with sz without medication)
2- it extends from the first dose to last dose prescribed (4 weeks,8 weeks or 12 weeks ,etc)
The person under the influence of sz and medication in the same time )
3- The third stage start from the moment of final cessation of medication for unknown period
the person with sz but without medication

The matter does not stop at that,rather it goes beyond trying to harm some of others