Do you think depression twice likely suicide over sz?

My beautiful cousin Molly

Her brothers near death too

All second generation messed up

They’re actually the same, around 15% of both populations go through w suicide, compared to about 4% of the neurotypical population.

Bipolar disorder actually has the highest incidence of suicide, in some cases estimated around 20%.


Molly hospitalized most her life

How the hell did she get a hand gun

Thought she was a burden on everyone

That’s very sad. I’m sorry that happened to you. You must miss her a lot.

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Sorry Daze, that`s very sad… if you want to talk, please message me… : (

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85 % of schizophrenics attempt suicide. 15% succeed


I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve battled severe depression mixed with my Schizophrenia. Hense my Schizo-affective disorder title, Right now I’m battling some suicidal thoughts myself. I don’t think I’ll act on them, but they are disturbing none-the-less.


Do you think I’m suicidal?

I’ve attempted this year

3 emails from the site saying I’ve been flagged and deleted.

Dead to @rhubot and @moonbeam

Hey, Daze - what’s going on? I’m getting a lot of flags on lingerie shots that I’m having to take down. What’s happening?

Haha @Samp are you hearing this?

If you’ve attempted than you’re definitely suicidal. I’m worried for you as you’ve mentioned you’ve been under a lot of stress with minimal support and that’s a toxic combo…have you considered hospitalization?

I’m just trying to get caught up. I’d like to hear from you what’s happening.

@Daze you have been posting a lot of those tonight. Is everything ok? It’s not a hook up site. I just post ladies as a joke and they are famous chicks.

I apologize if they offend you, like I said before.

Ah huh not looking for hook up.

You got it wrong.

I’m desirable and smart.

F-uck the men.

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I’ve attempted, so has my dad and aunt. We have sz or sza. My dad’s cousin killed herself in her parents house when I was just a baby.



@Daze. What’s going on? I just got back on the forum and saw your posts.