Suicidal thoughts and how can we handle it

is anyone feeling suicidal like me.i need some advice for handle this any good advice for get rid of this suicidal thoughts

Thanks in advance

I’ve been suicidal for a long time, not because I am despondent, but because I am trapped in a situation I want out of. I’ve carried a razor blade in my wallet for several years now, trying to get up enough nerve to do it. I doubt if I ever will, but I could see myself as having no alternative if things go a certain way.


The only times I’ve been suicidal was

  1. When I was psychotic and thought I couldn’t die

  2. Due to meds that gave me suicidal ideation.

I’d tell your doctor you have suicidal ideation. It’s a thing. It might be due to your meds.

I wasn t have suicidal thoughts before my medicine.i m sure that this causing by medicine.

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I had suicidal ideation on the following meds:

  • respiridal
  • seroquel
  • abilify (less than 10mg)

I’m now on abilify 10mg and everything is normal in that department.

Talk it over with your doctor. Suicidal ideation is quite serious (obviously)

@TheCleaner could not sleep and read your post. Be positive, the life is most important, when I lived in my auto in America I had all kinds of suicidal thoughts, but I decided to live, this was over 15 years ago and now I am here writing to you, just think positively.

You need a good doctor if I am actively suicidle I go straight to the doctor sometimes she gives me valium for a week other times Sh contacts the mental health team for me.
Hang in there my friend life is awful and beautiful all at the same time.