How to deal with Suicidal thoughts

I am struggling with this. Can anyone recommend how to try and stop them that works?


Nicotine helps me.

Watching something funny too.

Telling my loved ones how much I love them, and doing something useful to help them.

It helps remind me that I’m loved, and needed. Instead of what my voices tell me

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From what you’ve said it’s the pressure of work that’s causing these thoughts.

But the first thing to do is report suicidal ideation to your medical team as soon as possible.

Is there any possibility that your suicidal ideation could be caused by your meds?

What meds are you currently on ?

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I have a serious problem with suicidal thoughts and gestures. The only thing that works for me is Rexulti. I just don’t think about it that much when I’m taking it.

Amisulpride 1000mg a day and 15mg of diazepam

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I’m so sorry you’re struggling with this. For me, whenever I felt suicidal it was a bad reaction to meds. Getting off the problem med and on something better is what helped me.

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Dunno. I wish I could help. All I can suggest is talking to your psychiatrist and ask them could it be a side effect of meds.

It could just be the pressure of work though.

But the important thing is that you tell your medical team you feel this way.

I get suicidal thoughts chronically, no medication has helped. I’ve learned to postpone it. I think “I’ll wait for such and such” which is like a week away or something. Then I usually stop thinking about it. I’m generally over it by the time the thing I was waiting for happens. If I’m not over it, I postpone again.

If all this doesn’t work, then I get on the phone to a friend and talk about anything, but not my suicidal ideas - that just freaks people out. Being distracted by a normal conversation can really work. It can get you out of your head and be grounding.

It’s horrible and I hear your suffering, I hope it goes away for you soon.

Try to sleep it off. Sometimes it works. I have Lunesta. It will put me to sleep suicidal. I have gone to bed as early as 430 pm and still slept all night. I have been suicidal for a month straight before though so it doesn’t always work like you want it to. But if you have sleeping pills you don’t need to make it through the next week or the next month. You just have to make it until bed time.

I can handle it without the hospital now but if it gets too bad go to an emergency room. That’s what the psych hospital is for. If you have insomnia because of it go to the hospital too because it will only get worse.

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When I first started taking Latuda and having a bad experience on Social Media(which I will be 2 years Sober from in December) I had serious thoughts about killing,even Googled the best ways to do this.But I thought about all the people who might need in the future,Nieces,Nephew etc so snapped out it eventually thankfully.Just to add this was in November 2017 hope this helps you

Sorry meant killing myself

I second @TomCat in sleeping it off. I normally get suicidal around night time and then I go to bed early and normally wake up ok. If you can sleep I recommend tweaking your meds with your doctor as this is something that happens every once in awhile to the best of us, and normally it means we need to make a change.

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