Suddenlink is a crooked company

I’m now paying $95/month for internet. When I first started I was paying $40 or $50. The guy in billing told me that there’s an annual rate increase. If they weren’t the only internet provider in this area I’d drop them.


I used to pay $120 a month for satellite because there was nothing.


Not only that. I’ve never had such bad customer service in my life.

i feel for you. dad has changed internet providers a couple times already because they raise the rates after a couple years. i think we have like 3 options here im not sure.

he’s paying about $50 a month for internet and streaming cable i think.

I’m paying $95 for just internet

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that’s pretty steep. feel for you. hopefully someone else will move into the area. it’s a big waiting game for things to improve in under served areas. like our grocery stores in this little town, i have to drive 15 miles to go to a good grocery store with the things i need in stock.

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Damn that is expensive.

I have YouTube tv and I pay $50 a month

Sorry. We only have one ISP in my area and they keep raising us every year. I started at $45 and now am paying $70 and I can’t complain because they know we have no other choice.

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I’ve thought about complaining to the bbb but haven’t done it yet. I used to work as a customer service rep for the phone company. I don’t understand how these people are getting away with such terrible service. It’s been twice that our service was down for more than a week and we’d get a $15 credit on our bill. (But you have to call to get the credit.) Plus every time you call them you’re on hold for 2 hours at least And their service goes out so often I have them on speed dial.

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You should call that company, “SuddenStink”. :laughing:


It has a ‘terrible to disappointing’ rating among it’s customers.


I don’t doubt it. I’m not kidding. It’s the worst company. It’s pretty bad when you have to put a company on speed dial.

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