Sudden noncompliance

I was taking Seroquel for over 10 years and really liked it.
But awhile ago people that were complaining about meds got to me and I’ve become non compliant.

I get extra energy because seroquel is sedating. But then I’m not sleeping well.
Then I start feeling like I’ve figured out "the whole world."
Ok I took tonight but I’m just upset with weight gain and high triglycerides and feel like it will kill me eventually.

I have to cut a deal with what the possibilities are. My best shot is taking my meds.


Yeah, I try to counter when people start complaining here about meds. Some people just don’t understand that they can affect others with their anti-med posts.


if you come of the meds you will not have good sleep for the first 3 month’s and you will get some psychosis after about 2-3 weeks it is rebound from the meds and it will be about a year before your brain learns to function again without the meds then you will start feeling normal again it is hard but worth it

I admit I don’t understand it. This is the first I’ve ever heard of something like this. Kat really liked Seroquel for 10 years, and then stopped it because she saw some people complaining about their own experiences with meds? That makes no sense to me and just sounds like an excuse, blaming others for something that was her own responsibility and decision. I don’t understand how if someone has found the right med(s) for them, they’re gonna just suddenly bail after a decade because someone else had a bad experience with the same med(s) and was honest about it.

I’ll accept that maybe it’s one of those things that just doesn’t make any sense but where it’s still the morally right thing to do to down it down, so I will try in future venting moods to do so. But yeah it doesn’t make any sense to me.

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I stopped taking my meds and it felt like I was improving. I made it about 9 months and then I went into psychosis thinking that people wanted to literally crucify me.

I stopped Saphris cold turkey because all it seemed like was that my pdoc was tinkering with different meds, dosages, etc. Before Saphris I had tried abilify, Geodon, and invega. I just wanted to reset myself to get a better understanding of who I was, and to better gauge future meds. I guess I figured since it seemed like all my pdoc was doing was tinkering(guessing and checking), that I would do some tinkering of my own.

It was a bad mistake, and I almost came to suicide to avoid persecution with grandeur. I told my parents I needed help and they hospitalized me for 10 days and started me on Risperdal. It didn’t stop the psychosis so the new pdoc started me on Haldol, and that did the trick. It’s been 4 years since I’ve been on Haldol, and I learned my lesson to always be compliant.

I’ve been kind of down on med’s in a lot of my posts. I hope you didn’t become non-compliant because of me. One thing I’ve learned is that my best asset to insure my survival is keeping a level head. I can’t do that when I am not on anti-psychotics. If I quit taking my med’s I would probably end up in jail after a short time. It’s happened to me before. Self control is my best strategy for survival.

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Yes well I make no sense at times. I guess I just had to stop to find out the hard way you know.

I have found throughout my life stress causes relapses.
Both sz and MS that they may find are related one day?
I had always heard when was young that things get better when you are older.
Well now I’m about to be 59 and our Son is now 23 and got though a lot of his growing up issues that were just off the scale stressful. But we survived.

I’ve had to work full time because my husband couldn’t and then he had a credit card addiction to buy useless junk that I tried to stop again and again. Well finally I got through to him.
I’m happy to say I finally paid off $40,000 !!! worth of nothing!! A lot of fraud because he was hiding the cards in a PO box. Well whatever, that is over and I feel like the slavery of debt is over. That’s a big problem in USA, people buying useless junk. I’ve hated shopping for years. Malls freak me out, but now they are all closing because of Amazon.
I don’t want to buy anything. Darn it I still have to get food.

I’ve been able to reduce the Seroquel with less Stress but I’m working hard with my pdoc and she knows my whole story.
I stopped dropping by because at times when I feel better, I think I have no more to add to discussions and no more life lessons to pass on. So I may just fade away. 73

Amen to this! They should make this a billboard. Saying something like: “Buy more stuff! Be happy! You just need more stuff for more happiness!”

The stress of debt…

Be well.

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I have intense suicidal ideation that I work to not fulfill. I have social anxiety that makes it feel impossible to leave the house sometimes. If we can’t post what we struggle with then what’s the point? Complaining about meds is someone who is med compliant and being honest about the side effects. That’s not an anti-med person. I just think censoring honest expression is a mistake. Unless someone posts “Meds are poison! Stop taking them!” (Which would be stupid and wrong), I don’t think it’s fair to stop anyone on here from being honest.

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You weren’t here around that time, it was a time when a lot of people were coming out of nowhere with anti med talk. That’s why it was an issue.

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Oh alright. I thought they were referring to like people sharing their experiences, since you called it “anti-med” talk the other day when I was venting.

I understand it’s probably a sensitive topic for most people with MI, it is for me so I can understand at least to that extent.

I just think people have the right to be informed, and also that people with MI should have the right to be honest when their experiences suck, both for the sake of validation and for the sake of highlighting the need for pharma to work on better meds (someone linked to a company on here recently that was focusing on just that, so that was a reassuring sign).

Like when my last pdoc was trying really hard to push Abilify on me, reviews on line were what alerted me that a common side effect was restlessness/agitation/anxiety and that Abilify tends to be “activating” in lower dosages. My pdoc never warned me of any of this, I had to get it from other MI people with experience. I was already often very restless and agitated so it probably would have been bad, a more calming AP would have been a better choice.

If what people mean are like, the groups trying to convince everyone that psychiatrists are trying to brainwash and kill everybody, then yeah those people can ■■■■ off. Because meds are personal, and people trying to tell you not take meds are no better than people trying to force you take meds. People should try it for themselves and see if they can find something good for them, not get pushed around by others.

I’m sorry kat I didn’t even notice the date stamp on your original post and falsely assumed you were referring recent threads. I thought it was some kind of passive-aggressive accusation thing going on. I jumped the gun and falsely assumed based on my own personal feelings, I realized today looking at this thread my mistake. So sorry about that, it was my bad, not yours.

If there were those types of people here who try to scare people away from meds in general, then I can understand how it might have impacted you and others. The anti-psychiatry movement is just another extreme spectrum and not as ‘balanced’ as they seem to believe they are. I think people should be informed and allowed to share experiences, but trying to scare people for the sake of it is wrong.

Yeah sure, was just not the case here. I’m glad @katwomansz didn’t drop her meds because of what was happening. That would probably be devastating. When people are stable there’s no need to mess with that.

But I get you, you’re pissed you had lousy doctors and bad luck. But maybe your luck is turning around now, you seem to have a good therapist and if she will be working together with your pdoc even better, that’s a win situation.

I got angry at your post the other day, in all honesty, because I think that it’s insensitive to talk about how meds suck. Meds are way better now than they were 10 years ago, and will get better with time for sure. You have to remember schizophrenia is just being treated very recently, technology needs time to perfect. It’s not like we’re a huge population, and the work is being done.

Of course we need to talk about our side effects, there are specific things to do when a side effect is not listed and we experience it.

A while ago here, there was this talk about risperdal shrinking penises. We had a laugh, but people were really concerned about that, and one guy, that was extremelly anti-med, kept harrassing everyone to get on his side. That kind of behavior can’t be tolerated.

I get angry because meds saved me. And I’m not alone, I’m with the majority of people that take them. Some people don’t deal well with the side effects and decide it’s not worth it, they prefer to live with the illness at full force, it’s their choice, but they often don’t take into account the damage they do to the people caring for them. We see a lot of caregivers here in that situation.

Also, when people that are feeling well because of meds, start reading the awful side of them, they often come off them. Like what was happening here. And that usually brings devastating consequences.

So all I’m asking is to think before posting that meds suck. They don’t, they have side effects and better meds will come soon. A lot of them are under development, and my current med for example doens’t ruin me, I didn’t gain weight with it, just have a little raised prolactin, and best of all, keeps me sane and a better person than I was off them…

Get me?

I don’t know if it has been mentioned previously but treatments for cancer are difficult to bear at times, but they save lives. It’s short-sighted to bark about the side-effects when so much is given back to you in the end. AP’s are nowhere near as unpleasant, and yet again, they save lives.
Weighing the pro’s and con’s, one can see it’s a no-brainer for both, yet there are still those who would rather have devastating sickness over a few unpleasantries.


No worries Turnip. We all are ill here and I often assume there are threats when there are not.
Its easier when you can try to read peoples clues when they talk but that’s always an issue with all this online stuff.

I stopped taking my Zyprexa because of weight gain, I told the doctor I have type 2 diabetes on both sides of my family and he puts me on something that causes weight gain. I’m not opposed to taking something like an anti-psychotic (I hate that term) I just want my abilify back. I was stable on it for years and then I go through something I’ve never experienced in my life, when I ended up in the hospital they put me back on it for only a week before deciding it had “stopped working”. Now whenever I suggest trying it again all I hear is “nope, stopped working” Idiots, I was only back on it a week.

Hi Mussel,
I always hate when pdocs talk to us like we’re crazy!

But these days with all the information out there, its good to try and be informed about treatment options.
As soon as I could when I got better, I often fired these hospital docs that don’t know squat IMHO.
Definitely get a second opinion if you can. I know many towns have few doctors or with medicare options can be limited.
But I’ve always felt that here at people are pretty smart. :slight_smile: