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Subscribing a newspaper has been one of my goals and I have tried and failed a few times so far. Daily is hardest so I guess I should start with weekly? which can be more in-depth.

My cognitive symptoms have gotten so much better now I read about 20-30 books a month, not cover to cover of course but just pick up important points.

So, subscribing a newspaper can be my next goal.

To people whose cognitive abilities are not so damaged I guess this goal sounds alittle petty but I used to have really severe cognitive dysfunction.

I have mild cognitive impairment but I still read voraciously but at a slow pace. I read every word of each book very thoroughly. And I savor each word. I love reading so much. I mostly read magazines, and classic English and American literature. Pure pleasure.

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I love that way of reading also. Novels or classic literature. It’s not collecting information but pure pleasure. But I can’t devote much time to it unfortunately, I need to know the world first. But it’s good reward at times.

I purposely block out any information about the world. I don’t watch any television or news channels or read any newspapers or news magazines. I don’t listen to the radio. I am completely ignorant of modern culture. I do this on purpose in order to keep my mood happy and content. They say ignorance is bliss, and it is.

I think that’s one way of dealing with the world.
I want to know more about the world. I watch TV news, listen to radio news, check out online news. I am curious and love to know how the world works.

I read a lot of free online news. Not sure why I’d want to pay for what is given away for free.

I forget where you live but some newspapers give big discounts on new subscriptions to get new customers.
You might want to look for those discounts.

I live in Japan and I want to read the local newspaper. It’s not money but my cognitive abilities. But yeah it would be better if there’s discount.

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Isn’t your inbox filled with junk mail if online news needs you to subscribe?

I generally use free news apps that don’t require a login. If they do, I use a throwaway free email address and not my main address:


Most newspapers over here are going downhill fast. My parents still get a paper delivered everyday but at least once a month it doesn’t turn up. The costs of dealing with delivery are rising and it really isn’t profitable for anyone to run it with their business.

Look to the internet news. Most of our newspapers are pinching stories off the major news sites anyways over here and it’s annoying seeing stories online and two days later in the paper.

Don’t waste your money! Sadly the times of the paper are done!

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