How do you guys/ettes dress? Do you have a certain style?
I try to look as neutral as possible, jeans and a shirt in dark colors mainly. Shifting between baggy.-jeans and “tighter” jeans, with sneakers to go.

I should add that I am personally very style confused, which adds up to anxiety and sz symptoms, trying not to think about apperances but it’s hard in this world. But I don’t like spending huge amount of money on clothes either. Just curious as how to blend in more lol

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i like punk-hop…

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I wear leggings and Nike trainers

with no top? :smiley:



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i’ve been trying to get on trend, i bought a pair of red trousers and a yellow tee recently and a red hoodie but i dont wear the red all at the same time, i have other things that i like to mix and match,

i never use to care about fashion but i like it now, makes me feel part of things like i am joining in with the fashion army or something lol

no top above top headband nope leggings only nike shoes …niece fashion trend… lol…mericas super m0del…

When I go out - skirts/dresses with a long Islamic veil (usually black, but have purple and grey and green and red as well to match my skirts) covering my head and reaching to my hands. In the house, skirts/dresses and tops/hoodies according to the season, and a cloth cap or beanie (now in the winter). I’m not so fond of shoes, so I usually wear house slippers or sandals no matter the season, with socks. Boots when its raining and I need to go out, and sometimes instead of a long veil I wear a long coat in winter with a headscarf. I have an inner hippie so I like colourful skirts, kaftans and dresses, but I’m too lazy to wear my bead necklaces :blush:

I have no style. The clothes I wear are cheap and serve only to stop me walking around naked.


Due to my tactile thing I like loose fitting clothing.

I’m usually in jeans and simple shirts. Blue is my favorite color

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I like to dress very casual - jeans, t shirts, even in winter - baseball style caps etc…

I love jeans. And colour black. Never really worn a sports clothes.

I dress comfortably so I wear nothing but shorts and sweats.

F**k the world and what they think.


take care :alien:

me also.

Shorts and a t shirt and sandels.

I can’t get a men who still wear speedos.

My old job had a dress code where you had to wear a shirt with a collar. I didn’t want to give them an excuse to fire me, so I used to wear a lot of button down and Hawaiian shirts.

Nowadays I like to wear henleys and v-necks and t-shirts-- anything without a collar. For pants it’s usually jeans or outdoors sportswear like cargo pants and the like.

I wear a lot of dresses and skirts because I find them very comfortable. I have t-shirts too

Jeans and t-shirts. Nice t-shirts though.

I don’t have many clothes. I like my black t shirts and slacks. kakhi slacks or shorts and sandals.