Thrift store minimalist with no labels. Earth tones only. Love vintage finds.

I’d wear speedos just for you. Might find you running away, screaming though :blush:

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You don’t have to wear speedos to make me scream.

I wear whatever still fits me as I won’t spend money on clothes. If I do buy them, I buy what ever looks half decent at charity shops. I have some jumpers that I have had for ten years!

The only thing I replace regularly is trainers, as I wear one pair at a time until they wear out. I guess that’s my only fashionable thing, is wearing Nikes, as I like comfortable shoes to wear.

lol, i know im ugly n all but :smiley:

Hah, take it as you want . :wink:

is it me or is getting hot in 'ere :smiley:

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My style - early Emmit Kelly - or was it Red Skelton?

I wear gray flannels, sport coats and Bostonian shoes.

I wear all black, a little red and white. Fitted clothes. Like a red sock on one foot and red shoelaces on one shoe and white ones on the other. Red black and white only, even my underwear and socks, my entire wardrobe.

That along with my height and build makes me quite easily identifiable.

Hmm, this talk about screaming is very erotic.

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You should get some yellow shoes, and then you’d look like Mickey Mouse.


LOL Maggotbrane! :smile:

Great taste martin.