How do u like to dress?

I like wearing jeans and a nice blouse, ballet flats, also black mini dresses. Like j crew jewelry, an American brand of clothing, like dressing romantic also 70’s hippie style. Recently bought a Zara black embroidered dress wore it with black leggings. Bought a cool pair of burgundy aviator sunglasses for only $6.

I’m lazy jogging pants and t shirts I’m wearing a red I want pizza not feelings shirt…and a cap with a fox on it…


Basketball shorts, plain colored tee shirt, my three wristbands, a hat and sandals or boots.

I used to only wear black clothes, wife beater, sweatshirt and sweatpants that’s it when I was psychotic

Before I was psychotic I dressed up a lot I matched everything and went around everywhere drunk and high with my basketball shoes and Yankees hats on. Black guy once saw the way I was dressed as he was walking by and said “yeahhhh, ugh huhhhh yeahhhh”. That’s all he had to say to know I was dressing “fresh”


All day, every day!


How do you walk around in those tall ass pink shoes…

I stomp on the toes of my enemies!


I used to dress like the guy on the right, pre psychosis. When I was making $500 a week I would spend like $300 on weed $40 on cigarettes and the rest on clothes. But it was insanity and drove me to insanity.

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I am mostly naked


I’m pretty casual in my dressing - baggy shorts in the summer, baggy pants in the winter.Sometimes I wear a nice shirt with them. I buy most of my clothes at thrift stores.

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Looks straight outta Jojo’s bizarre adventure.

i used to dress in real prwtty dresses and have my hair done n jewlry n stuff, now as soon as i get home its a onesie or if its warm a nighty xxx i cant be bothered anymore xxx

I mostly wear black because you cant see if its dirty. :poop:
Also black is poetic.

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Shorts, barefoot, witty T-shirt if I can get away with it.

Nerd style—complete with pocket protector, leaky ballpoint pens, and tape-wrapped nerd glasses. :nerd:


I dress hippie style :slight_smile: I like colourful Indian or Indonesian style kaftans or long dresses. Or long skirts and a top or blouse. A bead necklace. And a colourful turban style scarf around my head. Flip flops on my feet (with socks sometimes if its cold). When I go out, I put on a black/white scarf over the turban style scarf to cover my neck and chest (Islamic hijab).

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Jeans and band t-shirts. At the moment I’m wearing my grey Beatles t-shirt. My favourite is my Pink Floyd one.

Pre- dx; $250 jeans, $150 heels, an overpriced trendy top and a sic leather jacket. Post dx (20# heavier, was homeless and lost everything); $35 skinny jeans, a T-shirt, one of my old sweatshirts and either flats, boots or one of my many pairs of Athletic shoes (that still fit, thank God)
Not as trendy as I once was. I am not athletic/fit anymore and can’t fit into my old stuff. I am trying to get back into the gym but it’s going kind of myeh
I don’t work anymore, so no job to dress up for. I am pretty sure I can wear jeans and Nike’s to Community College.

I wear lots of denim, plain cotton button down shirts, jeans, I am currently obsessed with chukka boots hehehe.

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I like my ripped jeans. My family be like: why spending money on a ripped clothes?!

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Is that you? On the right or left? I forget who you are?