Stuffed myself

Not even lunch time and I stuffed myself…I feel guilty and hopeless. Took me a month to lose 15lbs and I don’t want to get them back. I think of not eating anymore today. And start a diet tomorrow. I want to lose more weight.

Wow good for you. Did you lose the weight while on antipsychotics? And which one?

You will lose the weight if you tell yourself you are serious about it and you are prepared to go hungry sometimes
Treat it as a challenge
Weigh yourself once a week
Eat balanced meals vegetables and fruit


November, yes, I am on antipsychotics - zeldox and 6 more sorts of medication. The trick is to find the ones that make you feel normal

You are right, I won’t eat anymore today. I ate the food I would eat in 2 days already…Being hungry makes me feel good - because I know it’s good for me

I’m on a calorie controlled diet again. Download a calorie counting app like “My Fitness pal” and use that.

15lb in a month sounds like you were starving yourself.

I feel the same
I enjoy the meals I have and feel healthy
After you binge you feel crap
Keep it up
I am doing now

Calorie apps don’t work in Bulgaria because we have different food

Yes, I don’t miss felling like a crap after binge eating. I read yesterday to do it from time to time so you remember how you felt before starting to diet

I have a calorie counting app whete you enter your own food and calories. It’s for android. Find one like that !

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