Stressed Out Emotionally And Physically

I had to go to the emergency room last sunday, i have not had my period since i was 35 yrs old, i am 44 now, and all the sudden i got my period. The nurse where i live insisted i go to the hospital. They did blood work, and an internal and external ultra sound. They found a ctst on my ovary, and other than that, no good reason for the bleeding. The doctor said for me to get an appointment with an OBGYN the next day. That turned out to be impossible, but i did manage to get one for this coming tuesday. I am a nervous wreck, hearing voices, not sleeping, I am so stressed out because it can be so many things wrong besides just a cyst. I have a history of benign tumors, maybe it is just that, but really it can be anything, right? Voices wont let me sleep, and when i do sleep, i have nightmares. Right now i just need a little support, please.

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It’s kind of out of your control. Steel yourself in case it’s bad news but worrying about it too much is not going to help. Being worried is normal but too much worry will not change anything but make you sicker. Distract yourself.
Call your family or friends for support.
In AA they taught me: " A problem shared, is a problem halved".’
I hope it isn’t something really bad. Good luck.

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I’m hoping this is not serious. I don’t know much about periods. I’m a guy.

But I do hope you can talk to your doc and find a way to get some sleep. It’s the lack of sleep that makes everything worse.

Stress also adds to the lack of sleep… I hope you can find something that will relax you enough to get some sleep. Do you have some music that helps or maybe a comedy movie that can take your mind off the worry for a bit?

I’m really hoping you feel better soon… I wish I had some ideas.

I send my prayers to you @Kittycat - It could turn out to be nothing serious.

Talk to your pdoc if you can, and try to think positive, getting good sleep is important.

If you are seeing a therapist, it would be nice to see him or her early as well.

Try to distract yourself and think positive thoughts, the best you can.

Somebody once told me. To evolve try to rationally approach the problem. Most likely it just a cyst. If by some low chance its something else you take it one step at a time. My aunt at 80 survived third stage ovarian cancer. So relax. Doctors know what they are doing.
But again its most likely just a cyst.


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take it easy on the worry. my mom used to ask me - is anyone in prison or dead or dying today? i miss her a lot. i am living in a crack motel and come the first and the third when my checks come in i am having a deluge of people knocking on my dior at 3 am. people please email no friends no family.

That sounds horrible.

Maybe you can find an activity that will occupy you, possibly help with sleep and breathing relaxation techniques or soothing music.

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Kitty, hope today brings an end to the current stress you have been experiencing.

Whatever news you face today, hope you will be able to add in a nap later; and rest in comfy fabrics knowing the forum members want you to be stress-free.

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Kitty, from previous experience, I went fifteen years and had the same thing happen. It ended up being a flare up of hormones as I entered menopause. Believe me I was worried, and managed worry everyone around me until after the tests results came back. My doctor said its quite normal. Try to keep this in mind.

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**Hope everything turns out well for you! :tulip: **

Xanax time

Tell your paychiatrist what’s going on in your head