Stress outside home

I get stressed everytime I go outside. I hate it. Do I need to increase my AP? I don’t want to rely on benzos.


I guess maybe its anxiety.


I used to have social anxiety on Abilify not diagnosed though so idk. I thought I was cured on Risperidone but in reality is that on Risperidone I never go outside as I am always tired. On Abilify I went outside everyday. Thats why I have social anxiety on Abilify but not on Risperidone.

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My stress from outside my home comes into my home via work.


I dislike interacting with people I don’t know.

I also dislike interacting with many of the people I do know.

I mainly like interacting with my camera.



Endure the stress. Youll get used to it eventually


I had a time when I couldn’t go out really.

It’s better now but i avoid going out too.

I can thankfully do my own grocery shopping and go to hairdresser etc

I mainly avoid socialising with anyone other than my boyfriend.

I specially avoid crowded places such as shopping centres.

I mostly stay at home in bed all day.

I am really in bed all day.
Keeps me warm winter time.

I can’t stand being around people and can’t stand being with my own family.

I had anxiety years ago and couldn’t go out even for food but now it’s mostly tension and uncomfortable but some people trigger me and I can’t stand to be around them .it makes me feel so awful it’s unbearable.i avoid them as much as I can.

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Same. I try to have a task or errand for when i go outside. Go straight to it and back again with no dilly dallying. If i wonder or chill outside i usuallu feel super out of place and anxious of people.


yea i can’t go out by myself because of the anxiety. I can go with somebody but not alone and even with somebody if i’m out too long i get anxious.


I also need another person to go to grocery store,
for example


I hate going outside. It drains me.

Your high caffeine consumption might increase your anxiety??


I had it before starting caffeine.

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I just force myself out. When I go out it is for something I need/saved up for or mental health related. Big shopping trips are with family. If I did not go out I’d miss out on most groups as I can’t get rides but twice a week. I’m saving one for Monday as I have to go to city hall and I’m nervous. I always think I’ve done something wrong in those places.

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Cycling/long walks (exercise) have helped me dealing with anxiety.

I think for a lot of reasons your primary goal should be to exercise more.

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