Afraid to show up

afraid of the outside world. afraid, afraid, afraid.

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I get like that too. I have to go to the store so I do my best to keep my thoughts and anxiety in one place and just do it. and know I’m gonna be bombarded with my symptoms. I go straight there and back. Just doing that every so often kinda desensitize you and you get use to going out. I find it’s very important for me to leave the house at least once a day even just to walk a block. I see nothing serious is happening outside. And if I stay in too long or dont talk to the people I talk to for a while I get stuck thinking crazy paranoid thoughts about what’s happening out there.

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yea i’m afraid of the outside world too… i can’t go out by myself cause i’m scared.

Before I was diagnosed I had bad social anxiety

Walking to school was a very nerve wracking experience - I felt that the people driving by in their cars were judging me or looking at me

After diagnosis, and treatment with APs I don’t feel socially anxious anymore - in fact I have become slightly extroverted and I enjoy all sorts of social activities

I’m always afraid too

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