Stress, does any find when they are stressed thing get worse?

Hey guys as above, i cant take any stress at all, kinda fall apart to be honest!

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In the movie a beautiful mind they said “stress makes the symptoms worse” so you’re certainly not alone :sunglasses:

I feel similar too

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Schizophrenia makes us weak when we face stress. Best to avoid stress.

I’m sick of worrying and thinking negatively

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My stress always bring on some type of symptoms for me; its something I have to go to therapy for.

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I think stress is bad for everyone but because of it we make stuff happen and sort out our lives

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I find ways to create stress :grimacing::grimacing:

Yes stress makes me much worse.

Yes, I try to avoid stress. Sometimes though I have to just face it and go outside to run errands. :sunny:

Absolutely. Being stressed out tends to make my hallucinations much more frequent and louder. Same goes for being emotionally distressed.

Yes stress does makes my schizophrenia worse. I found that meditation and exercise keep my stress level low which help keep my symptoms low

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Yes. I do well until stressed and if I’m under stress for a period of time I start to get a little paranoid. I try to live accordingly. Lo stressed lifestyle does me well.

Oh, yep. After a few weeks of surgeries and pain, my stress is finally going back down and the positive symptoms along with.

I just went through some of the worst stress you can go through. My son was in pediatric ICU for 3 days and regular room for 3. I was stressed so bad, and on top of it I had several other things going bad including worrying about leaving my disabled husband along to watch 4 kids. He hurts himself accidentally a lot and his doabetes causes more issues.

I was able to cope, even thoughI did vent to friends. Came out of it all clear headed and feeling mentally almost back to what I was before my major psychotic break that caused me to be very disabled.

Sometimes stress can be a catalyst to getting you back to yourself.

I’ve heard it said in AA to never pray for patience, because you will get a chance to use it.

are you on medication thats helping.

isnt it good that we sought our lives out

stress is somtimes great,if we wana get stuff sorted it out.

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