Do you find schizophrenia sressful

do you find sz stressful…and what mekes it stressful for you


Its a cancer of the brain… freaking cancer…!!!


It is difficult to live with but it is possible. What most stresses is the inability to see things in a good perspective. But you can influence it with medication. So just play with medication. like I do.

I take 2 mg risperidone and 30 mg ritalin per day. In addition, I always have a lot of pills of oxazepam in my pocket for the moment that I get psychosis. Then I can take those pills quickly and if necessary increase the antipsychotics. It is all a game.

It also depends on how much you are bothered by it. But the fight can usually be won.


I’m with @far_cry0 on this one. It is truly cancer of the brain.


For over thirty years it was very stressful to me, even torture. But, since 2016, I’ve been recovered on medications, so now, it is not stressful to me anymore.

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And then there’s real cancer tumor of the brain. Which is worse?

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Obviously tumor of the brain. I was just speaking figuratively.

Yes it’s stressful for me.
I am constantly hypervigelent and paranoid.
I am always worried, it never ends.
It’s better on meds.
Off meds I become a complete psychotic mess.

They call schizophrenia- cancer of the mind.


My stress comes mainly from what people think of me.

But the voices have a tendency to get under my skin…

And the paranoia is horrible.

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I’m stable on meds now after a long time on the wrong meds.

I don’t find sz stressful.

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I find it stressful now that I have symptoms that truly interfere with my life. I didn’t used to when I was just in my days of believing I was some kind of goddess (speaking figuratively here, i had a lot of grandiose delusions as a teenager).


Why do you feel stress from what people think of you. Why does their opinion matter?

Because it sucks always being the “freak” and the “crazy” and the “nutcase” im sick of people trying to “fix” me. Im sick of the weird stares for “talking to myself” im sick of being told it’s “not that bad” I’m sick of people feeding my delusions just so they can laugh at me. I’m sick of everybody treating me like I’m a serial killer. I’ve been abused so much because of this condition. I’m sick of being treated like my existence is a mistake.

So that’s why I care about other people’s opinions


I wasn’t stressed about it back when I merely had grandiose delusions (believing I could do anything, believing I had magical powers; to top it all off, I went public with these when the psychosis was setting in, embarrassing!).

It’s​ psychosis that truly terrifies me.
I become completely unhinged.


yes… the hallucinations can be stressful.

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Arguing with the voices is basically hell.

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