Stress balling

Feeling like a stress ball lately

Combination of having to move to another place, work related stress, working on changing careers(going to go back to school) and also trying to keep up on dating relationship. It is a bit much for me.
I worry a bit that too much stress could give me an episode.
Going to the gym to de-stress

Hope yall are doing well

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I wish you luck at the gym. I just finished exercising. Take care!


I’m going through the same thing. Too much stress. I hope the gym helped.

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Don’t stress yourself, j.
Take it easy, is there something you can do to aliviate the stress?

I just had too many things going on. I managed to grind the list down a fair bit today so I’m feeling better . Was slowly imploding.
Went for a nice bike ride today :blush:

Oh I’m glad than :slight_smile: Keep on rockin, sir!

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Thanks minni :blush: you too

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