*((("Strange Idea" - Perhaps Join !)))*

I Am Busy Uploading Silly V(Y)D’s Right Now ,

But ,

But , e(Y)e Have Thus Idea To PERHAPS Start A " Weirdo Colony " Of Schizo Light Bearers … ,

and What I Mean Is PERHAPS Start A POSITIVE LIGHT " Colony " Of Us Making Schizophrenic V(Y)D"S and Sharing Them With Each Other ,

and ,


Perhaps Sharing Tha Highly POSITIVELY Voted Ones , ALL Of Them Pretty Much , As We Try and Speak Our Voices With Our Own PERSONAL Way To Bring " TOGETHERNESS " With Us and Those Who ONLI See Negative Shazz On Tha News … ,

Perhaps A Way For Us To Fynde Our Niche In Thus Sometimes Chaotic Universe … ,

If You Are Interested In Being Apart Of Such ,

Then Perhaps , Come Up With Some Questions For Those Making V(Y)D’s To Answer OR Any Other Idea You May Have ,

and Everyone Can Widdle Down OR Add To Tha Answering V(Y)D’s and Maybe Send Those V(Y)D’s To Other “mental” “health” Circles and See If We ALL Can Bring Some Light To Tha Public …

Hmm (???)

If You Are In Any Way Interested and Have A New " strange " Idea Then Please Feel Free In Thus Thread To Outpour Your Thots and Ideas (!!!)

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So It Looks As If No One Is Interested In Thus Idea … ,

N E Hoo ,


Tha T(Y)me Is Now ,

It Is Now TYme To Enjoi What It Is That We Have In Thus Lyfe & ,

& Be Thankful .

Have A Great Day .

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I Changed My Mynde ,

Here Is A V(Y)D Thaz Talks A Lil Bit About What I Mentioned Earlier … ,

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