Strange frightening delusion

that a babysitter I once had sliced open my skull and took a piece of my brain with her as well as put something from mice inside my head. after I had surgery to save my life because she also squished my brains together. the dr. at the time predicted I would have sz. and I do.

the delusion has me by the throat. I have a hard time un-believing it.


There are some delusions that I can’t un-believe either. There is no way they are physically possible in any way possible, but my brain still latches on to this belief and I sometimes act on it.

I’m sometimes afraid to say this delusion, but sometimes I know it can’t be true. But I still act on it. So I just have to work around it the best I can. Good luck, I know it’s not fun trying to untangle this from other thoughts.

I’m rooting for you.

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thanks J. your kind thoughts are much appreciated. I also act on it – when I see someone from this babysitters family I shudder remembering the “delusion” and I try to avoid them whenever possible.

like you say it needs to be untangled. it is doubly difficult to do so when you feel lied to about everything everywhere. it makes delusions seem sooooo real.