Stimulus package

Hey, I just received a notice from the IRS and government that I will receive a $600 COVID relief payment deposited into my checking account within a week.

The thing is I don’t know if it’s a mistake. I got the first stimulus check for $1200 more than half a year ago and I received the next $600 stimulus check about 4 months ago.

What’s with this third one? I’ve been kinda following the proceedings put forth by Biden and my understanding is that they just started discussing it this week in the senate and we’re supposed to get the third one in March.

What’s with this third one I got tonight? Anyone else get one?


No they haven’t passed the third one into action yet. It must be a fluke for you.

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Hmm. Thanks. …

enjoy it…they can’t tax you if they sent you two…I would relax.

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I wouldn’t. The IRS is the nastiest debt collector in the nation. You do NOT frick with Uncle. I’d call them up tomorrow and see what’s going on. Phone # is 800-829-1040

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It might be a state wide check from


Bingo @pob! I just read that California is giving checks to millions of people. I literally had not heard one thing about this happening. I’m surprised I got the money so fast.


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