Still derealizated

the meds dont help me enough. is there a derealization in depression, i am just interested? it was okay today on the market for me,ive seen worse out there :slight_smile: but the loneliness probably and the fatigue still keep me derealizated enough… it will be a long battle,maybe a life long battle against all my symptoms… :slight_smile:

For how long do you have derealization now?

I had it for a good year. First 3 months was hell nothing seemed real, then slowly and i mean slowly, month by month i was getting better. It took me 1.5 years to get completly out of it. I´ve been derealization free now id say for 4 years. All this happened after trying out weed, i´ve got a massive panic attack because of it. Got derealization few days later and it lasted for a year and a half. Trying pot was the stupiest mistake i have ever made. I suspect it is also responsible for me having a psychotic episode 2 year later.

its been years that i am derealizated. a looot of years. yeah,as you say it wont get better soon, it will take a lot of time and efforts. i also smoked in the past a lot of weed,like 10 joints per day for 5 years.i stopped it in 2007 and i saw my first serious psychiatrist in 2009 but he diagnosed me as bipolar not schizoprenic. he put me on seroquel but it wasnt for me… it was in 2011 my diagnosis of schizoprehnia with zyprexa but i didnt saw a lot of results from it. i started to switch meds after this till now whem i am back on zyprexa,without expecting miracles anymore from aps… i had some terrible side effects from clopixol and haldol,worse than my illness…i spent a lot of time in front of the computer and the tv,thats not so good for our derealization. the best is sawing people but this can be tiring also:/.
thanks for the reply though,it makes for me the things more clear. also i was just wondering if there could be a derealization in the depression? probably yes,dont know…

Sometimes a certain med can cause derealization. So i heard. Thats why im asking for how long do you have derealization now.

There is derealization in the schizophrenia, AFAIK.

Yes, derealization can be a symptom of depression.