i have this. its not painful but it takes you away form the life,from the being with others. in your experience the antipsychotics helped you with this?

I think antipsychotics make it worse. They make my vision blurry too.

ok,thats not fine… its crazy to live derealisated

Yep. I hate it.

Personally, I have so many elaborate theories about people that if they were known people would say I was out of touch with reality. I just live with it. The only way I can completely remove this is to be so heavily sedated by anti-psychotics that I barely know I’m alive. A person needs to be in contact with the real world, but as long as I’m not a danger to myself or others I can think I’m Barney the Purple Dinosaur, and they can’t do a thing about it.

anyone who thinks that antipsychotics can help this condition?

If I have this I’m not too aware of it, as @crimby says, due to the heavy medication I’m on.

Antipsychotics can help with your intrusive/obsessive/philosophical thoughts that happen when you have dp/dr and may improve it. But even my doctor said it causes/worsens dissociation and said it can be a good thing when you are psychotic. For me though, I don’t like it. It makes things seem unreal or artificial. But it’s nice that my thoughts are improving.

yes, i think really fast but essentially of the illness…its a symptom i think…

I used to have fast thoughts but now they’re normalized or slow. It’s both good and bad. The bad is I feel stupid, the good is I feel less anxiety.

yeah,it makes me agitated this fast thinking. ill see what is on slow thinking,in fact i think only about illness mostly. i am quite stupid for the other things :confused:

I used to be smart. Now I feel stupid.

with me the problem is that its not an impression. i really dont get a lot of things around me-it was written in my file in the hospital(intellect and memory opressed).

I don’t know if my A.P.'s used to help with derealisation as much as the Xanax for anxiety…

Stress management classes and practicing mindfulness also helped me.

I still have waves of it here… but I have to talk my way through it… get away from the stress hit that is causing it.

I hope you feel better soon.

thank yoy surprised. i just dont feel normal right now.

I used to have terrible spells of depersonalization that would last for days. I don’t have it so much anymore, so my anti-psychotic must be helping with that.

what is the depersonalization exactly odile? i have no sympathy or antypathy anymore,neither principals etc. is this the same thing?

I thought they were the same. Maybe not. I would feel like there was glass between me and everything else, I would look down at my own hands and not recognize them as my own. My own voice would sound like it wasn’t coming from me. I felt trapped a million miles away from everything, but be right in it and other scary things. I think my anxiety caused it.

I found this: "Derealization is a subjective experience of unreality of the outside world, while depersonalization is unreality in one’s sense of self. "
So, I guess they’re different.

yes,i think that theyr e different. i am more derealisated i think…