My pdoc is leaving the office

I’m so sad. I just found out my pdoc I’ve been seeing for the past 4 years is leaving the clinic I go to. Today I met with the other psych provider and it was an awful experience. When the medical assistant brought me to her office she didn’t even acknowledge me when I sat down. She just said “do you have your discharge papers?”

She never made eye contact with me, no small talk, she saw my list of meds and just asked me “who prescribed the Modafinil?” I told her it was my former pdoc, and she just said “I never prescribe that med, I don’t like it” I tried to explain to her how helpful that med is to me when working in the early morning. She just told me she wasn’t going to continue with it.

She also was telling me that I didn’t need to be on both benztropine and Ingrezza. She wants me just to take Ingrezza but I’ve tried that before and I still get EPS symptoms on only the Ingrezza.

It just feels like she doesn’t even know me(how could she when she didn’t even acknowledge me) and yet she’s trying to change all my meds. I get that each provider has their own preferences but she didn’t even try to understand the reason behind my medications.

I told my case worker I did not want to see her again and I’m going to switch to the other provider


I’m sorry @Hanna_Foxx thats just awful!

I am seeing a new psychiatrist who thankfully is continuing with all my meds.

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I bet this same story has occurred over and over. I had a doctor who didn’t make eye contact even once in a visit.

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I feel ya. My pdoc wants his agenda. I have to advocate for myself. There are some meds I’m just not trying. Everytime I see him it’s like ground hog day. He always asks me wanna try this med. And I have to tell him over and over, no.


Some pdocs have no manners, they think there sh*t don’t stink, pisses me off.

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