Forum and being told what tp do

I am preety anti authoritarian and hate being told what to do therefore I am leaving the site I think this is a nice idea however we are not children and I have no intention of being treated as one.goodbye

please delete my accounts

Sorry your leaving. what happened to make you feel this way?

being told not to swear, having members in the diagnosed section that are not diagnosed ie Barbie bf
having peoples posts locked for no good reason and basically fed up of the poor moderation.

I am sorry to hear you feel this way. I think there just trying to make it a site everybody can enjoy. I cuss too but I can control it on this site. All though I will say that when people cuss on this site it doesn’t bother me. I hope you change your mind and decide to stay. I like reading your posts.

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I have some similar feelings, though not to the extent that you must. One of my posts seemed to disappear.

Maybe they are trying something new + the sight might evolve in a other directions .

I have debated responding to this and decided that it would be appropriate.

While the above noted issues apparently upset this member, the biggest issue is that this poster/member has multiple accounts which is in direct conflict with the forum guidelines.


We want our web community to be a gathering place for sincere, helpful people whose wisdom you can trust. That is why our staff will routinely remove messages that promote false claims of miraculous cures or other untruths. Since trust is so important, we do not allow members posting with 2 separate identities (posing as 2 different individuals). Any member doing this will be banned from our community.

Sorry this has spilled over into the community.


I don’t always agree with @BarbieBF, but she is very kind and helpful! You do NOT have to be diagnosed to post in this section of the forum. Quit being a rude asshat.


I don’t know if I disagree with what you have written. But what does what you said - have to do with diddy…'s original complaints?

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As far as the two accounts, I do know some people have lost a password or for some reason cannot access one account, then make a second. Others make 2 or more accounts. They have their reasons, so I can’t answer for them. I know I only have one.

I too have had some of the same concerns though about locking of threads.

This statement would need clarification:

What would be an example of a ‘false claim of miraculous healing’? I know there can be false claims, but also know that miraculous healing can and does occasionally occur. This has even been experienced by medical doctors at times who cannot explain why someones disease went into remission or disappeared entirely when nothing was working and the disease was getting worse.
I know for example I once was poisoned with enough that should have killed me and was enough to kill more than one person. Not only didn’t I die, they found no trace whatsoever of the poisons. They smelled some of it but there was no trace in my blood when there should have been. Multiple tests were done also. This cannot be explained. Except by Jesus words “If they drink any deadly thing it shall not hurt them.” Note: that does not mean to tempt God by trying to drink poison as some snake handling churches do. It means with the proper faith if one accidently is poisoned or maybe tries to commit suicide by poison, the poison might have no effect, whereas it would certainly harm most other people.

I would not call such an experience a false claim, as something miraculous did happen. Only thing is you cannot 100% guarantee what caused the miracle though in my case I believe Jesus words were manifest…that portion of it is personal, the belief part. However, the doctors were baffled and some questioned if I had actually ingested the poisons. The smell was there but the bloodwork said otherwise.

Many doctors have been baffled by things such as this. Some will use the word miracle to describe the event.

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Don’t worry, they don’t actually delete that stuff and certainly not anything to do with religion.

I just noticed that the @diddypinkskirst account has been banned and the @dandydinmot account has been suspended for multiple accounts. While I can understand the need for people to use a single account, this seems terribly hypocritical. I won’t go into details but encouraging multiple accounts on one hand then banning for them on the other is just wrong.

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it was accidental too.

dear forum I am back here now after having been banned for stating that I do not wish to be told how to speak and wether to swear on a forum. I was short with oth barby bf who I really have a problem with being on the diagnosed bit seeing as she is not diagnosed it really bothers me and I cant help that.
also to samples for which I apologised only to be called rude asshat.
I like this forum but I don’t feel welcomed here. I wish not to hear from barby bf I willignore you and you can ignore me that seems the best option. thts all ive got to say. if you guys don’t want me here just says so and ill not post.

Yeah I dunno what the no swear thing is. Apparently google smacks down on websites that aren’t family friendly or something like that. I don’t think it matters to be honest…

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I don’t know - I’ve always been something of a rebel - sometimes you have to be for self-preservation. I’m not supporting you Diddy - I haven’t read enough of your stuff to know if I agree with what/how you post.

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pob I shall senDs you all my notes for your inspection post haste.LOL

thanks anna youd have to have a pretty sheltered life to find swear words genuinely offensive.

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I think you shold be offered the opportunity to say anything you want as long as you’re not directly insulting other members with your words. You’re welcome to be part of this community I don’t know if you’ve made enemies around but I will value your input and the input of anyone who is suffering from this illness. Keep well

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I merely just enjoy the term “Asshat”. :smile:

Tickled my fancy quite well.