Statistics about suicide ( TW )

I heard today that suicide was the greatest cause of death in the USA in the past year and I’m scared. Hard times are here and it could get worse by the end of the month. I’ve never had money problems, I’m not used to it. I’m going to get rid of cable and my landline phone. That should help some. I wish we could talk of spiritual matters. It helps me through the hard but you’d laugh at my spirituality it’s poor. Aren’t you concerned about the future and what are you doing about it? I have no skills or education and a broken body :joy:.

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I’m concerned about the future but I don’t do anything about it because there’s nothing I can do.

Society isn’t good as far as finding an occupation for us.

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Yeah I know. I don’t know what to do for work

22 military veterans commit suicide everyday. :sauropod::sauropod::sauropod:


I read that up to 10% of schizophrenics die by suicide. Its sad. I was one of them but luckily didn’t succeed.


Ive been close to it numerous times. Glad I havent done it.

I think despair and hopelessness can really cloud all the good things there can be in life. Hard to see out of it when your in it.