Starting Naltrexone off label for excoriation disorder

The idea is that the Naltrexone will interfere with the dopamine rush I’m getting from picking. I didn’t know I was getting a dopamine rush from picking but if this is true in a couple weeks I can retrain my brain not to do it anymore and I’ll be free. It’s worth a try. I’ll try anything.


Does therapy works too for this?

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not really, not that I’ve ever noticed

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Good luck and hope that Naltrexone works for you!

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I hope it works for u like it does for me. My friend takes it too and reports great effects. I mean he’s 94 days sober from Drugs and alcohol today he called me tonight. He seemed very stable. He also takes abilify and clozapine though. But I believe naltrexone has an interaction with antipsychotics at least for me. Good luck. What dose are you taking?

50mg what dose do you take?

thank you @Aziz

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I didn’t notice much of a difference between 25 and 50.

So I take 25. It is an odd med. the only difference on 25 was no nausea while 50 slight nausea. I would try 50 first but keep that in mind if you have any issues. You can split that pill in half pretty easily :wink:

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